TweeZoo - Interactive Dog Toy

TweeZoo interactive dog toys provides entertainment and exercise for dogs of all sizes and ages. Playtime, anytime with motion-activated TweeZoo!

A fun, easy way to exercise and entertain your dog!

GREAT EXERCISE.?Get your dog off the couch with a toy that invites them to play! TweeZoo stimulate interest with a bouncing, talking design that your dog just can't resist. Perfect for energetic puppies or dogs that are home alone, these interactive toys use motion detection that encourages dogs to keep on playing and exercising.

ENTERTAINS EVEN OLDER DOGS.?Does your dog show no interest in playing with toys anymore? TweeZoo can entice even older dogs to get down on the floor and play like a puppy again. Whether they toss them around or bring them back to settle down and snuggle with, TweeZoo are the perfect toy for dogs that are young or young at heart.

A NEW FAVORITE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.?It's just as entertaining for pet parents to see their dogs play with their new favorite toy. Made with eco-friendly ABS plastic, TweeZoo can safely join your dog anywhere from the living room floor to the backyard. Watch your dog play with their TweeZoo one-on-one, or join in on the fun!

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