NeoBear Popup AR Paintings Bible Storybook

NeoBear Bible Stories There are total 4 books int the series and it consists of different bible stories. Fun for children to gain knowledge. *Each book sold separately.




NeoBear Popup AR Paintings Bible Teaching Tools?include:

4 painting books

40pcs?AR coloring pages


use in 5 devices

How to use NeoBear Popup AR Paintings

1, Download and install APP

Scan the "installation OR Code" below to download and install APP.

2, Coloring

Color the pages with your favorite color!

3, Active to download corresponding picture album

First-time users need to register a login account. Choose the desired album and press "Enter" to open the interface.

Second Align and scan "Activation OR Code" on How to Use" page in each album to activate.

4, Play

Scan the entire colored page and it will pop up on the screen.

Device Requirement

Apple device:

Minimum Configuration Recommended configuration
ISO8.0 ISO9.0
1G RAM 400MB Storage 2G RAM 500MB Storage
iPad4,iPhone5s iPhone6,iPad Air 2


Minimum Configuration Recommended configuration
4.4 opengles2.0 5.0 opengles2.0
1G RAM 400MB Storage 2G RAM 500MB Storage

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