ExerSeat – Best Stationary Bike for Home

The ExerSeat is a great exercise bike with adjustable resistance – good for everyone and a simple-to-use, hands-free design. Use it while watching television, talking on the phone, using your tablet or reading a book or newspaper. Ideal for all fitness levels, the ExerSeat makes it easy to exercise whenever and wherever you want. Use it in an office, home, backyard or patio, it is so portable and elegant you can move it anywhere easily and store it wherever you want in any small space.

PODillow Plus- Facedown pocketed pillow with Extra Value and More comfort, Be Worry free!

Podillow, a facedown pocketed pillow that safely stores valuables while tanning or relaxing on the beach/poolside is now loaded with extra features and comes with an added value pack.

TWEEBOT? Your Personal HandsFree Smart Communicator

Tweebot is designed to act as your voice command assistant. Just ask it to send or read emails, news, weather, information, post on social media or music, it connects through Bluetooth of your Smartphone or tablet and gives you all the information you want. No matter indoors or outdoors Tweebot is a great voice activated device which also acts as speaker and gives you long hour of playtime; it offers many more benefits than Amazon Echo.

Booty Bounce Jogger?

Fat Burning, Muscle Toning and Jogging all in One! Combine the muscle toning and fat burning benefits of extreme side power hops, roller blade, cross country skiing uphill and jumping on a rebounder, all in one.

Dream Legs

Dream Legs- The best portable and affordable inner and outer thigh machine works both your inner and outer thighs at the same time for optimal efficiency. It's adjustable resistance accommodates all exercisers from beginners to intermediate to advanced. The steel construction makes it last a lifetime so you don't have to worry about getting another one! This is a Presell Product, please note it is a new product preselling right now. Once the goal for this item is reached within the time period, your item will be shipped. If the goal cannot be reached within the time period, you will receive a full refund for this product.

One Smart Cookie Cutter

One Smart Cookie cutter has made baking fun, easy and quick. Try our various designs for different occasions and make sugar cookies in much lesser time. You don't need to cut each and every cookie simply make many cookies at once.
From $10.99

Neobear AR 3D Interactive Educational Globe for Kids

Teach your kids about Earth and different parts of world in 3D. No more boring globes, it’s 3D! Develop the habit of learning and creativity using 3D visualization. Amazing 3D Educational Globe combines Learning and Fun!

NeoBear Popup AR Paintings Bible Storybook

NeoBear Bible Stories There are total 4 books int the series and it consists of different bible stories. Fun for children to gain knowledge. *Each book sold separately.

NeoBear Augmented Reality Painting -- World Tour

3D Magical Painting Toys Augmented Reality Intelligence Development Early Educational AR Kids Toys Play Games. NeoBear Augmented Reality Painting -- World Tour consists of 3 books with amazing AR technology painting pages. *NOTE: each book sold separately

NeoBear AR PopUp Zoo Set -- excellent education toy for all kids

NeoBear Mourinho Ar-dimensional Pocket Zoo 3d Mobile Animal Bilingual App Augmented Reality Kids Gifts Early Educational Toys Pocket Zoo Tablet Games

TweeZoo - Interactive Dog Toy

TweeZoo interactive dog toys provides entertainment and exercise for dogs of all sizes and ages. Playtime, anytime with motion-activated TweeZoo!

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